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Thure Lindhardt

International Actor

Thure Lindhardt is a Danish actor with great international success. He is probably best known for his roles in Flammen & Citronen, Into The Wild and Angels & Demons, where he among others have played opposite of Tom Hanks and been instructed by Sean Penn. In the lecture Thure shares his experience both as an actor and as a person. He tells about his sense of lifepurpose and his goals. The audience will be inspired in relation to asking themselves new questions and to dare set demands for their lives.

Thure believes in deliberate practice and he has always known that he wanted to be an actor , but he has not always been satisfied. This prompted him to ask himself ; What is it in fact that I want? - And how do I achieve it?

From here on Thure has had the opportunity to travel, explore and experience and he has had big international acting roles.

The audience becomes part of Thure's entertaining journey, but will indeed also be inspired to reflect and look inwards. The lecture takes point of departure in Thures career as a professional actor, where he shows clips and talks about both the positive and challenging aspects of the job.

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