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"THE TRUE VICTORY - is victory over yourself!"


Søren Vejby is famous for playing ‘Rasmus’ in the Emmy-winning TV-Series ‘LIVVAGTERNE’ / ‘THE PROTECTORS’ and in 2013 he made the documentary series 'KOKAINENS PRIS' /‘THE PRICE OF COCAINE’  - a personal journey through the many consequences of the drug, from one gram bought in Denmark to bloodshed in Colombia.

Cocaine is the most addictive drug in the world and along the way many have said to him that he will always have to struggle with his addiction, but Søren is no longer under the influence, he is 'clean' and on the contrary not struggling to fall back in again. Today he is a certified yoga teacher and dedicated practitioner of the martial art Aikido, also called The Way of Peace, he is working with the Board of Health and Mental Health Fund teaching foundations for lasting positive change. 

Søren Vejby graduated from the National Theatre School in 2002. As an actor he has worked on the stage, in film and in televison. In 2012 he appeared with his controversial debut novel, 'UPCOMING' - a dark satire of our celebrity culture, where people loose their core values and instead anesthetize themselves with stimulants and drugs in the desperate quest for recognition.

With the release of the book, he stood out openly and talked about his longtime addiction, which cleared the front pages of Danish tabloid.  

Søren is a first mover in the area and the series 'KOKAINENS PRIS' /‘THE PRICE OF COCAINE’ has spawned spin-offs and have been sold to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany.

It is possible to change your thought pattern, and through this your feelings and actions. Søren has developed a life-changing system, called C.O.R.E, based on his own experience and acquired knowledge about the subconscious and neuronal processes in the brain and body. We often wonder why we keep on doing something that is bad for us, even though we have repeatedly decided to do something about it. Using his FOUR CORE ELEMENTS Søren Vejby turns things around, so problems become possibilities!


 - >> Søren Vejby's lectures are thought-provoking, humorous, and life changing .


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