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Robert Petersen

Succesful Body-sds treater and coach

"I used to think my brain was my most fantastic organ, until I realised who told me that"

Get inspired by a fantastic story and get tools to how you create and obtain a strong mind-body synergy

Robert grabs and inspires his audience with his fantastic personal story and experience. In the lecture Robert will talk about how you can obtain a balanced life and respond to life’s pressures. He will use anecdotes from his daily work as a body-sds treater and coach.

Robert has taken control of his life and helped a lot of people both international famous people and commom people witrh physical problems. Robert has overcome a complete downturn and expresses a message which is most valuable to him, which is, that faith and trust can move even the highest mountain. Robert has a calm presence and a strong energy. He is not intrigued by money and fame, for Robert it is all about people. 

Motivation , mentality & succes

Synergy between body & mind

Well being & life quality , everyday life and on the job.


Taking responsibility and achieve control over your health now and in the future

Roberts story

Robert has always been fascinated with different kinds of sports, exploring, traveling and keeping a good physique . In 1996 he worked as a steward with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and it was a day on this job in 1997 that changed his life completely.


On a flight to Riga, a man suffered from a heartattack and Robert had to take action to get the man out of his seat. The passenger was a heavy man and he was stuck, so Robert tried several times to lift the man up, which resulted in a snap in Roberts lower back. The passenger survived, but Robert had severe back pain afterwards and loss of feeling in his lower body regiments. This became Roberts ultimate downturn.

He was labeled an early pensioner with reduced working ability of 50%. He went through several medical checks, but the doctors had to give up on treating him as they believed he would never recover fully.

At this point Robert was unable to work and he was basically disabled. So he stubbornly decided to make an effort to turn his situation by trying altnernatives both in terms of treatment and further education. After studying psychotherapy, manuel theraphy and body-sds and after several treatments, he was able to treat himself and today he works as a succesful treater within body-sds, focusing on a synergy between the body and the mind.


Through his work with body-sds Robert has been introduced to work with reknowed names within sport, music etc...


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