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Kenneth Bager


Musician, Producer & Entrepreneuer

You create your own reality  

With both producer, songwriter and musician on his resumé Remee knows how to maintain his motivation and create success. His story is about big dreams, success, greed, failure and about rediscovering yourself and your core vision. He is a hitmaker and entrepreneuer, so he is all about creating innovative concepts and bringing them to life. In the lecture Remee has a near presence, where he tells lively about how he maintains his motivation in his everyday life and his work by looking inward, finding the source of his creativity, while balancing his priorities . This can inspire business people and individuals and Remee is good at " freestyling " and having a dialogue with his audience.


Here are some of the topics that Remee will touch in a lecture


* You create your own reality

* Innovation

* Intuition

* Branding and PR

* Define a deficiency ( find out what is NOT in the market and create it).

* Perseverance

* Motivation

* Entrepreneurship

* Create the next hit (not only in music ) .

* Recognize the strengths and shortcomings ( do what you do best, and ally yourself with people who are strong where you are weak).

* Reconstruction




Remee was a big hit with the 1990's band ' Sound of Seduction '


In 2008, he put his own career on hold to be a judge in the Danish x-factor .


A financial adventure with Stein Bagger left Remee in financial ruin in 2009. In his autobiography from 2010 , he says:

" Now everyone can see that I am actually human and have something at stake . They can see that I'm not just doing 20 projects for more millions, because I have never collected money. I have been collecting experiences and gems and good ideas " ( Ulrik Sass , 2010)


Berlingske Tidende, about his self biography 2010

"With ' Remee ' you get not only a more serious and focused insight into a long-suffering psyche, but also a deep look into the music industry where everyone cheats everyone, and where the battle for hits is fierce " **** (4 stars)


The nightclub Zen in Noerregade , Copenhagen opens in 2010 and Remee becomes a partner


After the X Factor in 2010 Remee focuses on being a songwriter and producer. He and Chief 1 starts the record label RE:A:CH.


In 2012, Remee becomes part of the team behind the winning song from the European Song Contest " Should've Known Better " by Soluna Samay as a solo act.


As the Xfactor starts once again in 2014, Remee is again apart of the judging panel. Remee is once again ready to search for the specific, the real and the present talent - and he will again fight for what he believes .


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