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From Utopia to Reality        

'Mount Copenhagen is a project that aims to build a mountain on the outskirts of Copenhagen'

The vision 

Mount Copenhagen is the idea and project that aims to build a 3,5 kilometers high mountain in Denmark. As the temperature drops aproximately one degree per hundred meters above sea level, the mountain will have a glacier on top with eternal snow and ice. Every Spring this snow and ice will melt and with time develop a river delta and create an ideal environment for wild salmon and trouts. The mountain will be a recreational area and a place where you can skii during winter time and cycle in the summer. The mountain will have a circumference of 55 km, it will take around 200 years to build and cost in the area of $,- . So it is a project that only our future generations will benefit from.

At first glance this idea might sound insane, unrealistic and very long-termed. But people did not always think like this. Our ancestors build great architectual monuments. Monuments that millions of people travel around the world to see and experience and which also have a great income from turism. It took 160 years to build the cathedral in Firenze, which started the renaissance. Think of the pyramids in Egypt or imagine Copenhagen, if Christian IV had not lived. Think of the brand value a mountain like this could potentially be for Denmark. Today we live in the most resourceful and richest period of time in the history of mankind,-  but our heritage for future generations seems poor and almost absent.

We ought to dare to think bigger and strain ourselves with the know-how and maschines that we posses today. -> The ambition should be no less than building a mountain. 

Inspiraton in a lecture with Mount Copenhagen

Behind Mount Copenhagen you find Kaspar Colling Nielsen (Writer) and Mik Thobo-Carlsen (Entrepeneur). In a lecture they will elaborate on the vision of Mount Copenhagen and the many challenges that will follow when building a mountain like this. They will take you from utopia to reality, where the aim is to challenge the present mindset. This exciting and endearing lecture will inspire and show your audience, that by thinking big, extremely innovative and out of the box, - you can the push limits to what you initially thought would be possible. No challenge is too great that it cannot be solved.

The lecture will be customized to suit your audience and will focus on the areas of the topic, that you find the most interesting and inspiring.


Extreme innovation

Pushing limits

Cultural responsibility and heritage


Optimism and long-termed thinking

*Lectures are held in both English and Danish.

TedX Copenhagen speech Sept. 2012


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