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Kristian von Bengtson

“Always make sure half of the population think you are crazy

– this indicates that you are doing something new”

A lecture with Kristian von Bengtson

Kristian von Bengtson is a one of a kind entrepreneur, with a long history of founding and participating in extraordinary space missions, without fear of public opinion or daily dogmas. In 2008 he co-founded Copenhagen Suborbitals – a non profit, open source manned space program in Denmark and several other space adventures. With a firm grip in reality he is specialized in taking those critical steps from theory to prototyping and testing - making dreams becoming a reality.

Not only companies and organizations find inspiration in these lectures - also students will get a sense of rewarding payoff from hard work and doing what you like best, with a rare and appealing touch to natural science and hands-on production. Students are often directly involved in the lecture with theoretically challenges from Kristian and two way discussions on all presented aspects.

Kristian von Bengtson has a Master’s degree in Architecture and a Master's degree in Space Science. His passion for industrial design and space led him to work for NASA during several occasions at Johnson Space Center and developing habitat concepts for ESA.

Kristian von Bengtson has been a science blogger for WIRED and appears regularly on national and international radio and TV on matters related to space, culture, entrepreneurship and politics. He has been awarded numerous grants and awards for his work, such as Politiken iByen Prisen for Vision of the Year, Ellehammer Prisen and the Breitling Milestone Award.

Kristian gives inspiring and fun lectures about shaping the world as you see fit, technical challenges and legal loopholes of private space projects as well as dealing with public opinions, crowd-funding, team work and taking on impossible assignments.

Have fun and get inspired as an individual or company, if you are interested in amazing adventures, living on other planets, challenging the establishment or boosting team work.

Book Kristian von Bengtson and view your next move, world and universe very differently.


All lectures are tailored to your audience or specific event - or get your inspiration from one or more of these suggested topics.


Challenging the Establishment

Creating new technologies or breaking new grounds often require challenging already existing rules or mindset. With an off-set in the many independent space projects, co-founded by Kristian you will get an insight in how far you may need to go, to change already established businesses or technologies.

The Danish amateur manned rocket program Copenhagen Suborbitals is now a world famous key player on the international scene for new space. But, getting this far required finding legal loopholes, focus on simplicity rather than complexity, being made a fool of, build everything your selves, cheered upon and lots of amazing adventures.

How far are you or your company willing to go, to break new grounds? It may be more than you think. Get your team inspired, laugh and receive the final boost, to do something about it.


Inspire your Students

Let your students get a fun lecture to kick off school projects or themes - or just getting your students inspired to find interest in natural sciences based on the space adventures by Kristian. With a hands on approach to building manned rockets this lecture may address not only physics and chemistry, but also the rewards of making your dream come true, ignoring the option of others and working patiently towards a goal.

Students may be involved directly in the lecture with theoretically questions and being challenged on breaking news ground with their own ideas.


Insects for breakfast and Mars

Mars is always in the news about current landers, the search for life and plans for manned missions. Hear about the human fascination of our neighboring planet and get an in-depth insight of the challenges of creating these missions and living on Mars. 

A Mars lecture is relevant for both students, in all ages, but also corporations who dare to reflect their daily routines with isolated crews, struggling to reach their goals and where collaboration and trust is all or nothing. An isolated manned mission to mars with insects for food, complete recycling and daily dangers will inspire anyone, old or young, professional or student.

Kristian have had extensive experience with work for manned mission to Mars during both personal isolation experiments in the US and as consulting architect for Mars One, who aims to send people to Mars – on a one way trip.


Copenhagen Suborbitals

In May 2008, Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen founded Copenhagen Suborbitals in trying create a homemade manned space rocket. Today, Copenhagen Suborbitals is world famous for its approach, results and openness.

With a tiny budget, extreme innovation, simplified production and a large crew of volunteering specialists the project has been moving fast towards its goal. Get an in-depth insight of methods, failures, successes and results which forever changed spaceflight for the rich and large governments only – to everyone who set their mind for it.

Get inspiration as an individual or company on production, development and challenging one of the most holy and esteemed areas of technology.

Examples of lecture held:

Novo Nordisk A/S

Build Stuff Conference


Lund University


Danish Space Center

School of Architecture Copenhagen

Danish Centre of Futures Studies

Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen

Avaleo A/S

Tryg A/S


Lego A/S

Holbæk Kunsthøjskole


Siemens A/S

Thrane & Thrane A/S

University College Sjælland

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Maersk A/S

Cad Quality Denmark

Copenhagen Business School


Dr. Johan Kördel, Investment Director, Lundbeck Fonden:

“I work in the Venture business where it is all about taking risk. At a recent day-long seminar hosted by Novo Seed, a life science Venture Capital fund, I had the fortune to listen to a fantastic presentation by Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson. As a scientist, I must say I really like their approach and what they are trying to achieve but talk about taking risks! The risks we take in the Life Science venture world doesnt even begin to come close. Bravo! At the end of the day, we got a slightly booring Novo tea mug as a gift to take home. I got a great surprise the next morning when I for my breakfast turned the mug around and realized it had also a Copenhagen Suborbitals logo on it. It is now my favourite mug!”,

Dr. Jasper Bos, Investment Director, Merck Serono Ventures

“Not very often you come across two exceptionally inspirational people, who have the ability to show other people that if you have the determination and willpower, you can overcome almost any obstacle business can throw at you. By presenting their story on how to build a spaceship, Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengstson show the world that even seemingly impossible endeavours can become reality, as long as you rely on your own creativity and determination. With their story, they send a powerful message that should be an inspiration to any start-up company in any field or for any team that experiences issues in working-together”

Dr. Scott Minick, Partner, ARCH Ventures

“We’ve all heard, and perhaps experienced, that humanity has gone soft, that we’ve retreated into our electronic caves and adventures now occur only on computer displays and TV screens. Hearing the story of Copenhagen Suborbitals quickly convinces you that the spirit of great adventurers like Edmund Hillary, Roald Amundsen and Charles Lindberg is alive and well in Copenhagen. Like other great adventurers, Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson are planning to take on one of the world’s greatest challenges using their own skills, wits and an abundance of entrepreneurial drive – manned space flight that they design, build and fly themselves. When I first heard about this effort, I thought that it might be just a couple of dreamers. After hearing Peter and Kristian present their plan, you quickly realize that these are two serious professionals with a solid plan who are quite convincing that they can accomplish their mission successfully. Like all great adventurers, Peter and Kristian encourage us all to think big, aim high, take calculated risks and give our full effort to achieving our goals."


Dansk Forening for Kvalitet, 2013:


Et forfriskende indspark i vores meget regelstyrede verden

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Det reddede hele dagen. Den mand har mod og mening.

Fra Evaluering af DFK-konference 28.02.13 ”Kvalitetsværktøjer – med fokus på produktkvalitet"


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