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Kenneth Bager


'The man who has discovered artists and led them to #1 hit placements,

- he is all about thinking alternative PR, building images and daring to lead the way.'

About Kenneth Bager

Kenneth Bager is the Godfather of the Danish clubscene. He has been in the top 100 of best DJ's around the world and furthermore in top 25 in Europe.

The man with his iconic glasses -music visionary Mr. Bager is a pioneer, music lover, label owner, and record hunter and collector. He is the man behind Coma club, Kaos, Turn up the Music and Music for Dreams. Today he still runs Coma club being the oldest clubbing concept in Denmark, running for 25 years now. He is the person within the Danish music history who has been involved in most international successes for Danish artists, - this list includes artists such as Whigfield, Cartoons and Infernal and also more recent artists such as Fagget Fairys and Aura Dione. Kenneth is currently active with a weekly radio programme and has just recently finished another season in Ibiza.

Besides being trendsetting within pop and electronic music genre, Mr. Bager, has never been afraid of standing out from the crowd - especially when mixing trends and cultures and creating different and new expressions, identities and images in his publications. Alternative branding of the many publications have led to several #1 hit list placements.

Mr. Bager has travelled the world and worked with great international record companies. This has led to a great network and many experiences, which are all inspiration in his lectures.

Inspiration in a lecture with Kenneth Bager

A lecture with Kenneth Bager could be directed at companies, sales representatives and other institutions and organisations, who wish both an entertaining and inspiring lecture within the area of creative innovation and business. It could be a breath of fresh air for a sales team, who are in the process of a new product launch or businesses who wish to challenge the present way they think and operate.

Mr. Bager is a great storyteller, has a lot of charisma and can tell great anecdotes from how international hits have come to life, while also giving an insight to the realities of the music industry.

He will be touching areas within creating success by being upfront, seing opportunities and daring to be trendsetting. He is a man who has had great success and experience himself by executing surprising and alternative PR plans and putting alternative but successful teams together. He will also be focusing on the power of networking and making new business cooperations. It is about trusting your guts.

The lecture will be customized to to suit your audience, business or product - and it will focus on the areas of the topic, that you find the most interesting and inspiring.


Image and identity


Value of networking and PR

Innovative marketing and branding


Inspiring story-telling

*Lectures can be held in both English and Danish


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