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’Highly experienced global business leader with an extraordinary winner mentality’

Corporate experience

Henrik Anker Olesen is currently director of Transformation Partners and has 22 years of experience with major deal making, corporate change management and execution. He has 11 years of international experience as expat in Asia (China 4 years, Thailand 3 years, Taiwan 2 years, and shorter postings to Hong Kong, Singapore & Bangladesh) working with information technology, shipping, logistics and as manager of global units and global accounts.

He specialises in global thought leadership and senior executive consulting for the logistics & shipping industry, - areas in which he has had great amounts of success.

Work positions include

•2013 Managing Partner – Tranformation Partners

•2001-2013 Director and Account General Manager for A.P. Møller - Maersk (Hewlett-Packard)

•2010-2011 Chairman of the Board and Private Equity investor - Gizmolink A/S

•2009- 2011 Nordic Sales Leader - IBM

•2002-2007 Transport & Logistics Leader Asia Pacific & Engagement Partner - IBM

•2001-2002 Principal Consultant - PwC Consulting

•1993-2001 General Manager - A.P. Møller - Maersk

Inspiration in a lecture with Henrik Anker Olesen

Henrik has a highly energetic and optimistic personality with a can-do attitude and relentless focus on execution. He has an extraordinary winner mentality and talks passionate about using positive psychology and taking responspibility of your own life.

He moves within following 4 areas in which he has great subject knowledge;

1. Personal Development

- Transformational leadership – through the use of positive psychology. Positive psychology always wins. Being happy in your worklife. Having a healthy lifestyle (diet/training/recovering)


2. Transformation / International Business Development

- IT & the latest new technologies

- Mergers & Acquisitions

- Outsourcing - No 1 expert in DK

- Shipping and logistics - No 1 expert in DK


3. Asia/China (11 years of experience stationed for Maersk og IBM):

- Cultural adaptation, being an expat in Asia

- Chinese companies going global - No 1 expert in DK

- Multinationals being successful in China - what does it take - No 1 expert in DK


4. Big Deal Making

- Winning and success in the marketplace

- How to make big deals - large deals transforming industries

Henrik Anker Olsesen is a frequent speaker at Business Schools and Executive Forums. He is member of VL 84 and Advisory Board Member for Nordic Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Honors & Awards

Cloud Win of the Year

          HP Club 100

          December 2012

Talent 100 by Berlingske Tidende News Magazine in Denmark in 2006 for young high achieving professionals below 35 years with potential for senior management positions


Container shipping enters turbulent waters

Journal of Transport


Setting a new course for the container shipping industry



Profiting from the rise of China

Standard Chartered


Delivering bottom line value to the freight and logistics industry



Working areas

M&A, acquisitions, integrations, restructuring and reengineering. Sale of ERP, outsourcing, software, hardware and infrastructure.

*Lectures are held in both English and Danish


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