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Det Slører Stadig


Lectures are spun from the popular TV show about integration,

social debate, prejudices, women & cultural differences.

The TV Show

One of this seasons most popular TV Shows in Denmark is called; Det Slører Stadig.

The key figures in 'Det Slører Stadig' are Ellie, Naghme, Ajla and Sarah. The TV Show touches subjects such as; cultural misunderstadings, equality, integration and underlying prejudices between immigrants and Danes. The angulation is about 'bridge building' and creating new understandings within social groups meaning that inspite of cultural differences, there is not such a big gap between the cultures and people as we might think.

Inspiration in a lecture with Det Slører Stadig

A lecture with the girls from 'Det Slører Stadig' is humorous and can have the aim to break down prejudices or challenge social perception in regards to immigrants, cultural differences and womens equality - and most of all they know how to create a good debate.

A lecture can be with one or more of the girls from 'Det Slører Stadig'. They will also tell about the production of the TV show and about the use of humor in an attempt to think out of the box in regards to the social debate.

Lectures can be held for educational institutions, organisations and at relevant social and public events.


Social debate


Womens equality

Cultural diffences

Bridge building

Humor & satire

Lectures with Det Slører Stadig will typically be held in Danish.

See examples from the TV show below ( In Danish!)


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