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Founder of Johannes Torpe Studios & Creative Director of Bang & Olufsen

'If it feels like work, you are doing it wrong'

Danish designer Johannes Torpe is an accomplished creator of holistically designed spaces. His creative vision is to challenge the nature of user-experience within a space by breaking traditional boundaries and taking necessary risks. Johannes Torpe is driven by his ambition to inspire. His high-octane energy and eclectic personality open the doors to new perspectives, resulting in an evolution of enduring spatial experiences that are realised through layers of multi-faceted design.

Jack of all trades

Johannes Torpe is son of freethinking bohemian parents. His radical creative upbringing is a direct influence on his present desire to create defining experiences. Growing up with paintbrush in one hand, drumstick in the other, Johannes Torpe became a musician. Together with brother Rune RK, Torpe has done several number one hits and has toured all over the world. Never leaving design far behind, Johannes simultaneously designed concert light installations, and quickly became the most south after lighting designer in Europe. In 1997 Johannes did his first large-scale spatial design; his first project was the world renowned NASA Nightclub.

In the past 16 years Johannes has done luxury restaurants and retail spaces all over the world. Especially fond of working with the Chinese clients, in 2011 Torpe opened yet another design studio in Beijing, named WangTorpe studios.

”There is always a solution when you’re thinking beyond the parameters of acceptable ideas.. If, as a client, you come to Johannes Torpe with a problem, they will always find a solution, and it will always be new because they are totally unconventional. They haven’t been ruined by the system”

– Jeppe Utzon, Architect

Creative Director 

As a man who has gone from entertaining large audiences on the stage as a musician, to designing multi-faceted interior spaces, it was very fitting when Johannes Torpe was chosen as luxury electronic brand Bang & Olufsen’s first ever Creative Director.

Torpe brings a breathe of fresh air, with new dimensions and perspectives that strip Bang & Olufsen down to its essence and core philosophy.

While remaining knee-deep in his role at Bang & Olufsen, Torpe maintains loyalty to his personal design studio Johannes Torpe Studios. The studio has been operating for the last sixteen years across a variety of design disciplines including architecture, furniture design, interior design, product design and branding. Headquartered in Copenhagen, the studio is an inspiring creative hub.

Inspiration in a lecture with Johannes Torpe - PLAY

A speech or lecture by Johannes Torpe is a visual abundance of photos and videos – combined with his design knowledge and expertise; Johannes is a breath of fresh air to any conference. His natural appearance on the stage transcends to his desire to interact with the audience, creating a flow of speech and energy from the stage to each individual in the room.

Being a true thought leader Johannes speaks of everything from his design process, to working with Bang & Olufsen, as well as how he addresses the Chinese market and interacts with his clients overseas. Guanxi (relationships) is a key factor in working with the Asian markets, combined with delving into the culture.

Speeches often include anecdotes from his many travels adding a humoristic angle to the designs. All in all the audience can indulge in a personal journey, with many laughs along the way - With Johannes Torpe there simply is no box.

List of recent speeches/lectures 2013

+ 100% Design Shanghai

+ The ‘Sleep Event’ London

+ Beijing Design Week, Opening speaker

+ Design Trade, Copenhagen

+ Reykjavik Aluminum conference

+ Hong Kong Business of Design Week


Creating dynamics

Method and mentality


Corporate identity

Creative innovation

High performance


Working areas

Branded space, experience design, architecture, concept development, interior design, industrial design, graphic Design, Corporate identity. Food passion, designing restaurants.


Current and past clients include

Bang & Olufsen

B&O Play

South Beauty group


Agnes Cupcakes





Dolce & Gabbana

Roberto Cavalli

Royal Scandinavia

February 2014 , statement

Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering - Arkitektskolen

" It was a great and inspiring pleasure to have Johannes Torpe open our spring term at The Royal Academy, School of Design. A great number of students and staff turned up for a 1,5 hour long tour de force through Johannes inspiring and vivid universe and the history of how he came to be what he is today. I find it very important that the young students meet and sense the real world in terms of key design players as Johannes Torpe and listen to how a career can be shaped. On top of this, the work he has manifested is beautiful and bullseye in the present day design agenda. "

- Tine Kjølsen , Head of School of Design


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