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We represent some of the brightest minds to inspire people in general and specific audiences in particular. Our speakers each represent unique areas of expertise, innovative and creative ways of thinking and above all they are passionate about sharing their experiences.



A lecture can provoke, motivate and inspire people to reflect on new areas and to think ’out of the box’. All lectures are customized and angled to target the specific audience and purpose of the lecture. Lectures are entertaining, alive and will give the audience an out of the ordinary experience.

Lectures can be held for corporate businesses, at educational institutions and public events. It is about challenging your present mindset, thinking creative business and showing that no challenge is too big and that alternatives can bring valuable input to the solution.

Challenge your mindset

Today many leaders focus on how to change present 'ways of working' in order to achieve better results. They often struggle with the balance between the need for operational exellence and efficiency, while on the other hand they need an innovative culture to be able to compete and succeed in the future. Many organisations struggle with a passive resistence; "We have never operated like this before", or "we have always done things this way" and "change may suit other businesses but is not something for me".

So it is about thinking in terms of innovation, new methods and about keeping an open mindset, where new strenghts can be found in letting go of routines and entrenched mindsets.

All lectures are offered in either Danish or English.

Requesting a lecture

But how do you get started? Once you have contacted Orators, our team will help you choose the right speaker or discuss with you the opportunities of what you might already have in mind.


The lecture will then be customised to suit your organisation, audience or purpose, meaning that the focus will be on those areas of the topic that you find the most interesting and inspiring. Areas for a lecture can be:

Creative business


Motivation and inspiration

Alternative thinking

Methods and mentality

Letting go of routines

High performance


For us, innovation helps us to aim at developing better and more dynamic organisations, creating new business opportunities and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

If you wish to obtain more material on a specific speaker or if you are interested the opportunity

of a lecture, you are always very welcome to contact us.


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